Child and Teacher Sponsorship



There are 3 ways to support our monthly fund.


1.      Just download the standing order HERE take it to your bank and return the gift aid slip to Maggie with your details. This goes towards a teacher's
         salary, a daily meal, text books, basic health care and a uniform.

2.      Select a Zambian child or we will find a child for you. There would be no direct contact or letters exchanged but you would receive a yearly report
         from their teacher and newsletters.

3.      Match up a child with a Zambian child of approximately 2 years older who is extremely poor yet is showing great potential academically.
         Aims and interests can be shared ( see picture above). Letters can be exchanged once a term and also a newsletter.

All your money gets to the cause, goes into a fund and not given to the child.
Please email:, if you'd like more details or a list of children's profiles.