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Poor but Educated with a Future

Alleviating poverty, empowering girls and transforming communities through quality education.



At Teacher Aid we are passionate about education - we wish to ensure that the vulnerable children in the rural Zambian communities we support have access to transformative education, equipping them with quality learning and the life skills needed to access professional employment or to create their own income and dignified futures through vocational and entrepreneurial skills.


Our mandate is to support and equip Zambian teachers to raise the level of education and care. Through supporting well trained local teachers, who come from the grassroots themselves and understand the culture and challenges of poverty from within, we can impact a much larger number of children. Through uplifting communities and stimulating change by engaging with Zambia's undeveloped human resources, potential from within is being realised.


Please help us to help these disadvantaged children by donating to our monthly support fund by completing  this form.

The Big Give Christmas Cahalenge 2021

We have been accepted for the Big Give Christmas Challenge! Please dig deep for us!

The villages of Zambia are patriarchal and extremely poor. Girl children are brought up to work in the fields, do chores and care for siblings. When they are past puberty many are encouraged to get pregnant. Education has never been important to parents/guardians but Nsobe girls of 2021 have different ideas.. They want to go to college. They want a career before marriage/pregnancy. A "safe" dormitory will protect them, nurture them in a comfortable and secure environment where they have running water, solar electricity, a bed to sleep and lighting to study out of school hours. Please help them be the best they can be through a lifestyle that cannot be offered in their simple homes, devoid of the comforts we take for granted. Please give generously for a DORMITORY for vulnerable girls showing academic promise in this wonderful School, deemed a "model" school by the Government!
Teacher Aid will much fund all donations and with your help more girls will get the opportunity for a brighter future.

How does the Christmas Challenge Work?

The Christmas Challenge is a match funding campaign where donations to participating charities are doubled. The match funds come from two sources - charities secure some of these (Pledges) over the summer. These funds are then boosted by funds from a Big Give Champion who contributes to the match fund. This collective pot is used to double donations from online supporters when the campaign is live. Watch our video that explains how the campaign works:

The Christmas Challenge 2021 will take place from 12pm (midday) 30th November 2021 - 12pm (midday) 7th December 2021 when donations to participating charities are doubled.

You may help in other ways, just Donate or scan on your phone \total Giving donations link
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