For 2019 we have planned for two events but watch this space for a dinner with entertainment in the autumn. Date TBA.

1      Easter, egg and spoon walk, to take place in Yorkshire, on April 13th. Keith Smith from Lancashire,
is organising a walk up "Pen y Ghent" so please contact him on 07388 008095.

2      Our annual Gower Yomp is very popular in the summer. This year it will be on June 8th. Fiona will
be joining us again, eager to meet her supporters!

Please join us for
the 2019 Gower Yomp to raise funds for a Nsobe Community School minibus

On June 8th we are walking 11 miles on the beautiful South Wales coast to raise funds for disadvantaged village children in the rural area of the Zambian Copperbelt. The children have the rare opportunity to be educated to college level and become professional and business people, uplifting their communities. A minibus will take them on trips outside their villages and be useful in so many ways! Both teachers and children have struggled for 10 years without any transport. The school is the bush, far from any town. We do apply for grants but it is rare to come across an organization that will fund transport!

There is an excellent video of 6 mins relaying all this. or YouTube "Nsobe Community School"

100% of funds raised will be matched by Maggie and Mike and are transferred to the school. Deductions and Corruption are NIL!
Should you wish to support arguably the finest school in Zambia for disadvantaged kids donate to
All contributions gratefully received.
You may download the flyer for the Gower Yomp HERE and please pass it on to anyone that might be interested to support our charity.


Our first attempt for the Gower Yomp on the 11th of August 2018 had to be cancelled due to very bad weather.
However we did manage a short walk on Hill End beach and the dogs loved it!
Fiona and her 2 children took part as well despite the weather

The bad weather yomp attempt

The second attempt on the on the 15th of September was successful with very good weather conditions.

Yomp 2nd Attempt. Great!!

Any suggestions are always welcome, as is help to organise an event! Please email Maggie with ideas!