Today's PC market is very competitive and therefore consumers are inclined to search for the best value for money systems.
What the consumer be aware is, that a low priced high spec system is not always a good value for money, as some consumers find out after the fact. There many questions that the consumer needs to ask a PC supplier and all the answer should be down in black and white before a purchase is considered.

The important points the consumer should consider before a purchase are:
  1. Warranty. How many years on site or return to base.
  2. Technical back up and support
  3. Response time when a system breaks down
  4. Turnaround time.
  5. Repair or Replace

Support Hotlines or Helplines
0800 numbers mean that it does not cost you anything
0845-0645 and some other local call numbers are OK but are of benefit to the supplier.
National Call numbers should be considered only if the supplier is a small company with good reputation.
0900 numbers are to be avoided. Charges may vary from 50p to £1.00 and sometimes higher. This means you pay for a service that should normally be Free Of Charge.
Who ever that supplier might be, wants his pie and eat it, so keep well clear.
Nevertheless, no matter what the consumer is promised, the consumer does not always get.
The worst scenario might be that you went through all the routine and had no satisfactory results. Here is where we come to the rescue. You have a choice to either send us an e-mail or fill in the form explaining clearly what the problem is and we will respond within 24 hours.

Things we need to know and must be included in your e-mail.
1. Processor type and speed (e.g. Pentium II 500mhz etc)
2. Amount of memory (e.g. 23Mb, 64Mb etc)
3. Hard Disk drive capacity (e.g. 10Gb, 13gb etc)
4. Graphics adapter and memory (e.g. ATI Fury 16 Mb etc)
5. If you have CD-ROM, CD- Writer, DVD
6. Type of Windows operating system 98, NT, ME

This also applies to any PC or Laptop/Notebook whether it's new or old; this is FREE HELP with no strings attached. We can only do it though through e-mail and if necessary by prearranged phone call. We can only help on true hardware problems and in some cases with Windows problems.
We also intend to start an FAQ page so users can obtain some quick answers.
What happens if your system is down and you cannot e-mail us.
We would suggest that you ask a friend to do it on your behalf. If there is no friend available then and only then you may call us on the number shown on this page. We prefer evening calls rather than day time since this is a free service. Two good reasons for it.
First it would not hold our line busy during working hours and second is cheaper in the evenings to do so.
What is in it for us, you may ask. Apart from the pleasure of helping a person in despair, it could be that you might decide to let us repair your system or you could recommend a friend to use our services.
We are not a big company, nevertheless we have being in business longer than some of the big "bags", but we have also seeing many companies come and go and we are still in business.
Please Note.
We cannot guaranty that your system can or will be fixed over the phone. We would not recommend any investigation inside your system, unless you are experienced and you are prepared to wave any warranties given by the equipment supplier/manufacturer.
To send an e-mail to our Free Help team click HERE
Or better still fill-in the Fault Form
Please make sure your e-mail address is correct. There have been instances where e-mail has been returned due to "Invalid recipient". If you have not received any reply within 24 hours, please re-submit your help request, or e-mail us.
The number to call on emergencies only and between 6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m. is: 01269 845238

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